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    GAS in space!

    On December 3rd 2018, at Vandenberg US Air Force launch facility in California USA, a Falcon 9 Rocket lifted off successfully to deliver a payload into Earth orbit.
    The payload was the Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V (DLR) Euglena Combined Regenerative Organic Food Production in Space (Eu:CROPIS) research satellite. This was the conclusion of another Gomolzig milestone in our long history in Aerospace, now Space! Airships to Satellite and all in between!
    This launch was ...

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    Your GOMOLZIG Team.
    December, 2018

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    Do 28-D2 Engine Conversion STC

    Several original Dornier Do 28 D-2 were equipped with two Walter M601D-2 turboprop engines and Avia V508 D-2 propellers and therefore called Do 28-G92. The new EASA STC 10015031 Issue #3 allows the installation of GE Czech H75-200 Turboprop engine equipped with Avia 508E Propeller. Successful flight tests took place in spring/summer 2017. The certification was finished by EASA. Prior flight tests the GOMOLZIG Engineering and Production Organisation optimized the modification kit for serial production. As the holder of this EASA STC, GOMOLZIG provides this approved engine conversion kit for highly reliable and more efficient aircraft operations.
    Please contact us for more information.
    November, 2017
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    Camera Hatch STC in India

    We are glad to announce the successful indian validation of our european EASA STC 10015027 for the fuselage modification of Textron 208/208B. This modification enables this aircraft type for aerial survey operations with two camera hatches.
    Therefore, Gomolzig Aircraft Services GmbH expands its product range to a world wide customer base. Together with our EASA certified Part 145 Maintenance Organisation we are empowered to install this product inhouse as well. For detailed information about this modification,please visit our picture gallery and product area.

    Your GOMOLZIG Team.
    October, 2017

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