The GOMOLZIG EASA Part 21J Design Approval is maintained and managed by our Engineering Department.
Over many years, we have gained experiences with many aviation products, materials, techniques and aircraft types. All this has built a confidence which shows in our approach to solve aviation engineering problems with innovative and sound solutions. This has developed and become an engineering philosophy.
Projects, the involved processes are aimed and guided toward the end result which ultimately is Certification; the design, the engineering and the certification paperwork. This end ensures the correct beginning of the Production phases or the requirements of our Customers.

The Engineering department carry out many functions, listed are some of the major areas:

a. Maintain the our EASA Part 21J Design Approval.
b. Maintain all the Type Certificates, Supplemental Type Certificates and Approved Data issued or used by GOMOLZIG.
c. Constant review and the updating of designs and products of GOMOLZIG and our Customers.
d. Design solutions utilising new technologies, materials and methods for Commercial and General Aviation.
e. Design, re-engineer, modify and certify solutions for obsolete, obsolescent or redundant components.
f. Design solutions for Major and Minor repairs for aircraft on Maintenance and Repair after an incident.

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