Pictures: Power Plant Modification

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    Do28 engine conversion

    Several original Dornier Do 28 D-2 were equipped with two Walter M601D-2 turboprop engines and Avia V508 D-2 propellers and therefore called Do28G92. This STC is hold by GOMOLZIG and is amended at the moment to install new up-to-date GE Czech H75-200 turboprop engines with Avia 508 E propellers. Prototype installation and flight testing were performed successfully in spring/summer 2017, final approval was in October 2017.

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Power Plant Modification

GOMOLZIG is experienced in Power Plant modifications and conversions. These range from conversion for the use of MoGas to a full integration of a different power plant.
The MoGas modifications permit operators to use ROZ98, Super Plus fuel. Please contact Gomolzig for details and applicability for your Aircraft type.
Listed here are some examples.

   - Cessna C172 RG: Conversion from Lycoming O360 to IO 360.
   - Cessna R182 / FR 182 (RG): Modification to MoGas operation.
   - Robin DR400 RP : Conversion from original state to Lycoming O45-A4D5 or -J3A5
   - Robin DR300/400: Modification to MoGas operation
   - Do-28 G.92: Conversion to GE H75 engine
   - Beech 99: Conversion of PT6-27 engine to PT6-34
   - Dimona HK36: Conversion from original state to ROTAX 912 S.

To check the availability and applicability to your aircraft, please contact us by using this link.

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