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    Do28 engine conversion

    Several original Dornier Do 28 D-2 were equipped with two Walter M601D-2 turboprop engines and Avia V508 D-2 propellers and therefore called Do28G92. This STC is hold by GOMOLZIG and is amended at the moment to install new up-to-date GE Czech H75-200 turboprop engines with Avia 508 E propellers. Prototype installation and flight testing were performed successfully in spring/summer 2017, final approval was in October 2017.

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Power Plant Modificat...

GOMOLZIG is experienced in Power Plant modifications and conversions. These range from conversion for the use of MoGas to a full integration of a different power plant.
The MoGas modifications permit operators to use ROZ98, Super Plus fuel. Please contact us for details and applicability for your aircraft type here.

Listed here are some examples:

   - Cessna C172 RG: Conversion from Lycoming O360 to IO 360.
   - Cessna R182 / FR 182 (RG): Modification to MoGas operation.
   - Robin DR400 RP : Conversion from original state to Lycoming O45-A4D5 or -J3A5
   - Robin DR300/400: Modification to MoGas operation
   - Do-28 G.92: Conversion to GE H75 engine
   - Beech 99: Conversion of PT6-27 engine to PT6-34
   - Dimona HK36: Conversion from original state to ROTAX 912 S.

To check the availability and applicability to your aircraft, please contact us by using this link.

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