Pictures: Repairs and Changes

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    Fuselage Repairs

    Due to hard landing or failed ground handling fuselage or structural damages may occur. With the GOMOLZIG Engineering Team, Minor or Major repairs can be certified.

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    Landing Gear Repair

    Damaged landing gears due to hard landings or fatigue can be repaired in accordance with our approved repair procedures. For further information please contact us here.

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Repairs and Changes

The amount of unpredictable damages of aircraft can not be covered by the manufacturers completely. The scope of GOMOLZIG’s approvals permits us to develop and certify a wide range of Major and Minor repair solutions. Component parts of repairs can be supplied separately, please contact GOMOLZIG for details.

Listed here are some examples.

   - Piper PA-46 Wing skin Minor Repair
   - Piper PA-46 Wing corrosion Major Repair
   - Piper PA-34 Fuselage Major Repair
   - Cessna C172-C182 Seat frame minor Repair
   - Cessna C172 main landing gear bracket minor change

... and further more.

Therefore, feel invited to click here to contact us for more information.

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