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    Rallye 235 Silencer

    Also applicable to models E-D of this aircraft. And MS894 Minerva. EPA:11160 MS235-606500 2xType3

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    PA-25 Silencer System

    Also applicable to PA-25 Pawnee. EPA:10875 PA25-606500 Muffler+Type2

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    PA-28-140 Silencer

    EPA:10810 PA28-606503 Muffler+Type3

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    PA-28-180 Silencer

    Also applicable to PA-28-160,-180,-151,-161,-181. EPA:10800 PA28-606502 Type 3

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    PA-28-200 Silencer

    Applicable to every PA-28-200 model. Turbo-charged models excluded. EPA:10805 PA28-606504 Type3

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    PA-32 Silencer System

    Turbo-charged models of PA32 REV2 excluded. EPA:10825 PA32-606500 inside connection

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